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Environmental Policy Statement

Advanced Pest Control is an organisation that provides pest and weed control services to domestic, commercial and industrial premises and which is environmentally aware and actively supports programs and policies which limit any negative impacts on the environment.

Advanced Pest Control is committed to comply with legislative requirements and to continually improve its environmental performance by supporting the following initiatives.

Establishing and maintaining environmental management as a high priority by adoption and publication of this policy and consultation with all interested parties.

Conduct performance, monitoring, measurement and testing and environmental audits of all our operations with the objective that waste and pollution is reduced and our environmental performance is continually improved.

Developing management and employee commitment to the protection of the environment and setting clear assignments of accountability and responsibility, by implementation of a continual environmental improvement plan and the use of procedures and work instructions in accordance with legislative requirements.

Encourage strategic environmental planning by ensuring environmental impact assessment on all domestic, commercial and industrial services.

Develop and promote services that have excellent environmental characteristics and which meet the highest demands for efficiency.

Liaise and work with suppliers and clients to promote and action the best possible environmental practices and encourage the recycling of materials.

Promote and undertake educational programs and discussion on issues for employees, suppliers, and customers and the community at large protecting healthy and safety.

Cooperate and join with the appropriate authorities and technical organisations in the formulation of pertinent standards and the means of compliance. The basis of the system being International Standard AS/NZ ISO 14001.