It is no greater fact that when dealing with Subterranean Termites (White Ants) that prevention is far better than the cure, Statistics state that termites will affect 1 in 3 homes.

Termites are ingenious creatures – they are known to travel over 100 metres from their nests in search of food. That is why Australian Standards 3660.1 recommend that you thoroughly check around your building on a regular basis (at least six monthly) to ensure that termites are not attempting to make their way into your property. A full inspection and a written report by an appropriately qualified Pest Inspector is also recommended at least every 12 months, more often in high risk areas.

Always be on the lookout for termites, particularly at ground level. Termites cannot survive prolonged exposure to sunlight or dry air. They therefore build mud passages through which they travel to find food, ie. Timber, paper, etc. If you see such a mud tube running from the ground up onto your building it probably means that termites are trying to by-pass the termite barrier and find food. In this case, it is best not to disturb the termite tube but to immediately seek the advice of a licensed pest controller.

Here are a few tips to help minimise the chance of termite attack in your home:-

  • Do not allow garden beds or paving to cover over weep holes or the external edge of your concrete slab and always allow at least a 50mm inspection zone from the top of the slab.
  • Ensure that any fences, verandahs, ferneries, etc that join onto your home are designed so as to prevent termite entry and do not provide a bridge for the termites to by-pass any termite barrier you have in place
  • Avoid excessive moisture around your home, eg. leaking pipes, poor drainage and even irrigation systems will encourage termites. Make sure they are all turned off tightly.
  • Do not use untreated timbers for garden beds or retaining walls as they may attract termites.
  • Do not plant trees that will grow taller than 3 metres within 3 metres of your home.
  • Ensure that a licensed Pest Operator using an approved termite barrier method, has properly treated any alterations or extensions to your home, especially the joints between new and old structures.
  • If you have a suspended floor ensure that the sub floor area is accessible for inspections, properly draining – well ventilated. Do not store any materials in sub floor area that will attract termites, eg off cuts of timber, books, etc.


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