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In urban areas, birds such as pigeons are primarily a problem in commercial venues such as shopping centres, hospitals, hotels etc however they have been known to enter homes via chimneys, down pipes, vents and under eaves and roof tiles. Apart from the mess and corrosive damage to surfaces that their droppings cause, pigeons can also transmit numerous diseases via their droppings. There are several other birds that can be pests for home owners; these include starlings, Indian mynah birds and sparrows. Pest birds are extremely intelligent and cunning, as their personalities and habits vary greatly between species, it is crucial that each species is judged individually. They can be sedentary, travelling a local area, or be migratory. Some travel in large numbers, while others choose to live singly, or in small flocks. Some are territorial and others are not.

Typical Pest Bird Situations

• All crops and gardens
• Airports
• Aquaculture
• Boats and marinas
• Bowling greens, golf courses etc
• Buildings-industrial, commercial & residential
• Grain silos
• Mining
• Solar pool heating
• Timber window frames, etc.
• Vineyards
• Windows

Typical Pest Species

• Blackbirds Cockatoos, Galahs and Corellas
• Common Mynas
• Cormorants
• Crows, Currawongs and Ravens
• Cuckoo-Shrikes, Bowerbirds and Orioles
• Domestic Pigeons
• Ducks and Swans
• Figbirds
• Honeyeaters
• Parrots, lorikeets and Rosellas Seagulls
• Silvereyes
• Sparrows
• Starlings


Pigeons can be a serious nuisance therefore taking long term measures to prevent them from entering your house is often the best solution for long term elimination. Some preventative measures can include bird spikes on ledges, bird netting, and aluminium plates over gaps as well as fixing broken down pipes etc. Be sure that all pets’ food and water is not left out to attract pigeons and be sure to destroy all nests. Visible deterrents can also prove to be extremely effective. Some of these include: Prowler Owl, Terror Eyes, Irri Tape Foil, Gator Guard, Fox Replica and Coyote Replica. Roost Inhibitors can be valuable tools as well. These include: Bird Net, Bird Net Plus, Bird Shield, Plastic Spikes, and Bird proof Gel and steel spikes.

Basic Methods of bird pest Control

Control of pest birds falls into four basic categories:

• Deterrence
• Exclusion
• Crop Management
• Population Reduction

To succeed with a pest bird deterrence mission, you must first follow these three steps:

Gather knowledge on the culprits before you implement your plan of attack e.g. type and population of birds, patterns, entries, exits and favourite areas, nesting and feeding habits. Survey your property. Discover what the birds find attractive about your property.

Be as versatile as possible. Change types, colours and positions of scaring devices frequently. Keep the birds wary and keep them scared stiff.

Don’t give up. If they become accustomed to your methods and begin to ignore them, immediately introduce something new.