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Mission Statement

Advanced Pest Control has established superior Occupational Health and Safety guidelines within the company ensuring the utmost care and safety of employees and clients is paramount. Our continual commitment to maintaining our OH&S policies helps us to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

We will ensure that each service performed at your premises will be in strict accordance to our OH&S policy.

To prevent any pesticide exposure whilst performing their duties at all premises our Technicians will be supplied with the necessary protective clothing. This is the easiest and most convenient way to protect our Technicians. Our Technicians will use protective clothing in the following situations:

When handling pesticide concentrates, such as mixing

During periods of prolonged exposure

Appropriate signage will be placed when and where necessary

When pesticides are being applied overhead

When pesticides are being applied in confined spaces

The safety of our clients is absolutely foremost and we have devised Safe Work Method Statements that our Technicians vehemently adhere to, to provide expected safety to our clients. At all times their safety and well being is our number one priority. Our company will at all times only use chemicals that are tested and approved by the Australian Standards AS3660.

All chemicals that are used are environmentally friendly.

All pest services and treatments will be carried out in accordance to Australian Standards and manufacturers recommendations and requirements.

Our Commitment to our clients & staff is clear

Advanced Pest Control will at all times provide the best possible service, administered through utmost professionalism and diligence with the welfare of our staff, our clients, the public and the environment paramount.

We are committed and constantly striving to improve all systems that are currently in place. We believe all staff has the right to feel safe and we encourage them to be an active part of the team.

We value and bond with our staff and our clients as it is their trust and input that allows Advanced Pest Control to continue to prosper.

The success of Advanced Pest Control is only possible through the people we surround ourselves with.